Spike and Dru: Queen of Hearts
Dark Horse Comics – October 13, 1999
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Ryan Sook, Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie

“Queen of Hearts” is a tale that depicts the events right before Spike and Drusilla arrive in Sunnydale. Here, they stop in St. Louis to enjoy a riverboat casino, take in some sights, and generally have fun. Of course, no Spike and Dru comic adventure would be complete without having to stop some friggin’ Old Gods (seriously, these guys come across ancient demons more often than any of the characters on the show). What happens next is… well, tons of people die and a boat gets burned to a crisp.

The art, here, is exactly like it was in “All’s Fair” — by this I want to stress that I hate it. It attempts to invoke a sense of Mike Mignola (creator of “Hellboy”) and it does do that fairly well, but I never really cared for that art style in that series, so I’m not really going to like it here. What it amounts to is ugly male characters, too-smooth looking female characters, and a Dru that looks nothing like herself (Spike, on the other hand, looks like a crude sketch of Aeon Flux’s Trevor Goodchild). The art style doesn’t lend itself well to action, as the events depicted here are as uninteresting as the plot going on.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just destined to not like these comics. If that’s the case, I’ve got a ton of pain to go through before I can even consider myself finished. Since I plan on covering Season 8 when the show is over (not to mention any and all Angel and Spike comics, too), I’m going to be trudging through these things for the foreseeable future. Maybe they’ll get better? Ugh. I hope so.

OVERALL OPINION: Just as bad as the last Spike and Dru story, only this one didn’t have some tacked on ‘mad scientist’ character who I didn’t care for at all. So, I guess, in that regard… its at least a 2/100 score? As opposed to a -100/100 score?

Additional Notes:
-The Mignola style is so heavily influencing the art, here, that one of the characters – a simple bouncer at a strip club –
looks exactly like Hellboy! Sideburns, skin tone, white eyes, and sunglasses placed just right, making them look kinda like sawed off horns? Jesus, guys. Jesus.