Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Halloween”
Dark Horse Comics – October 1998
Writers: Andi Watson
Artists: Guy Major, Joe Bennett, Rick Ketcham
Editor: Scot Allie

This comic sucks worse than all the others. I would rather read anything than this comic ever again. Its is horrible. It reuses plot elements from the show’s own episode titled “Halloween” and makes all of the characters seem stupid and lame. I hate this thing. I never want to read it again.

What happens? Well, fuck you for asking. Willow gets kidnapped by vampires and Buffy goes to kill them. The end. That’s the plot. One issue, one lame plot. The vampires follow the same art-style as those found in “The Origin” or “Wu Tang Fang” which is never good (they look awful) and the stupid cliffhanger of Buffy having let one vampire get away is stupid and unforgivable. Of course that vamp will come back in a later comic. I can’t fucking wait.

Overall Opinion: Fuck.