Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Double Cross”
Dark Horse Comics – April 2000
Writer: Douglas Petrie
Artists: Guy Major, Curtis P. Arnold, Jason Minor
Editor: Scott Allie

After the events of “Graduation Day, Part 2“, this comic deals with some monster that either kills and takes souls, or just takes souls of dying men. Its not really well established, seeing as how he says he takes them when men give them up, but later is seen actively trying to kill the fuck out of Buffy and Angel… in two different locations, at likely the same time. And he dies in both instances. At the same moment? Probably. But who cares.

This story is better than most, because it further develops some parts of the characters’ it portrays, namely the love between Buffy and Angel and the fact that it, like Angel himself, never dies. But that’s it, really. There’s a cool picture of the Mayor transformed at the beginning of the comic and the bad guy is kinda cool in an over-the-top kind of way, but it isn’t really enough. It doesn’t suck, though, so there’s points to be awarded, there.

If any one thing can be said about this, though, its that it manages to engage me throughout. I can’t frown upon that. I CAN frown upon some shitty art and lame dialogue. If these weren’t present, I might have given it an actual score instead of just saying something negative about it in the final comment portion of the review. As it stands, though?

Final Comment Portion of the Review: Something negative