Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Happy New Year”
Dark Horse Comics – January 1999
Writer: Andi Watson
Artists: Guy Major, Hector Gomez, Sandu Florea
Editor: Scott Allie

Ugh. So we have a “Halloween” comic, a “Thanksgiving” comic, and a “Christmas” comic. Here is the New Years one. It sucks, too. What happens in it? Who cares. It barely ties into New Years. Actually, a hell hound curse story, which is actually slightly interesting, is pushed away immediately because, hey, there is a 10-9-8-7 countdown going on. Seriously. The hell hound attacks the cursed person in the top of a clocktower, they fall to the bottom screaming, Buffy checks on Willow, then they throw their arms up and shout “HAPPY NEW YEARS!” like jerks. Did that guy die? The hell hound? Did anyone die? Who knows? Who cares? Not the Scooby gang, apparently.

Oh well. Cordelia uses a crossbow well. We have that.

Yes, that’s Cordelia. If you couldn’t tell. The art still blows, but get used to it because this team will be behind all the comics for quite some time.

Overall Stance on this Mess: At least the seasons are over. Unless there is a Martin Luther King Jr. Day-themed issue. If so? God help us all. Unless MLK comes back as a vampire. Then sign me the fuck up.