Buffy the Vampire Slayer – White Christmas
Dark Horse Comics – December 1998
Writers: Andi Watson
Artists: Guy Major, Hector Gomez, Sandu Florea
Editor: Scott Allie

“White Christmas” blows its own dick by having a mediocre plot be entirely forgotten as soon as its done. Its about as well written, structured, and drawn as one of those old Power Rangers comics.

Get this: stupid monster-of-the-week shit attacks Buffy and Angel (who is seen wearing only a white shirt and not his normal clothing, which wouldn’t be bad aside from the fact that you can’t tell him or Xander apart) and they blow it up so it snows in the mall. They don’t even try to find the guy that summons the giant ice elemental when its all over. Instead they have a snowball fight (and get this, Angel is present even though he wasn’t around for the final battle. What the fuck).

Its stupid. I hate it. At least its over. And I don’t… have… to read… any more… sigh

Overall Opinion: Where did they get that sled? Sunnydale doesn’t get snow. Who in that mall was selling sleds?!