Buffy the Animated Series – Pilot
Written by: Jeph Loeb, Joss Whedon, and the rest of the players
Created in: 2004? 2001? Who Knows.


This is the saddest thing. In my interest in going back and looking into Buffy as she was in high school, I first watched the Unaired Pilot episode, but after that sour taste was left in my mouth, I thought I’d go back and rewatch the short, 3-4 minute promo that was developed by FOX to be a solid cartoon. The major members of the cast, sans SMG since she didn’t wanna touch anything related to Buffy anymore, returned, with Giselle Loren stepping into the titular Slayer’s shoes once more, having voiced Buffy back in that horrible XBox game from a while back. The writing is solid, the jokes are great, and even the animation is pretty damned slick.

But it fell apart and no one wanted to buy the series and the thing vanished. Which is a damned shame. This would have been a huge “no duh!” show to pick up, for any network, and – I guess – after it leaked to the internet four or five years ago, the short promo has inspired empty hope across the entire fanbase, people hoping to god that it comes about in one form or another. I guess there was a simple one-off in the Season 8 comic line that brought it back in its own way. But aside from that, its a dead dream, and one less arena for the Buffy line to reign supreme.

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At the end of the day, though, its probably for the best. In the same way that those shitty Spike & Dru comics wreck things up by having larger-than-life creatures or plots, this cartoon already featured a dragon that fit Buffy in its mouth. To deviate from the “realism” of the show is never something I appreciate and, as cool as it is to be able to do these things in comics or on a cartoon, it removes the “true to life” aspect the show is known for and instead shoves it face-first into pure fantasy.

…but it still would have been a badass cartoon.

Would I have gotten up on Saturday mornings to watch this, even if I was 21 or 22 at the time: You bet your sweet ass!!!

Additional Notes:
-Xander’s delivery of “…the bigger they what?” is great.
-The vampire at the opening’s line of “There are things in the dark… dark things!” almost ruins a four minute bit of awesomeness.