Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Play with Fire”
Dark Horse Comics – May-Oct. 1999
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Sandu Florea, Guy Major, and Hector Gomez
Editor: Scott Florea


Ok, so I guess this was part of the issue that included “Food Chain, Part 1” or something? I dunno. I just know that Omnibus 3 has it between Part 1 and 2 and that, for some reason, they couldn’t just put the two parts together and give me this horrible, short story after? Or before? Does it in any way have bearing on the chronology? I seriously fucking doubt it.

Buffy, Willow, and a Giles drawn so poorly that I got a brain tumor all chase a couple vampires into a house that is alive because some kid and his pals tried magic shit when they were younger and, whoops!, one of the kids fused with the house. Willow, who Giles was bitching to about trying to bite off more magic than she can chew, is allowed to try to free this kid from the evil house and manages to accomplish it in one page. Keep in mind, that that one page is about a seventh of the total comic.


Next thing you know, the kid is all “thanks, Willow! Uh, bye!” and vanishes into the night while Giles and Buffy quip over whether or not Willow should continue to use magic or not. I dunno, guys. She just freed some dumbass kid from an evil house in the middle of a fucking vampire parade. I think she can handle some floating candles or magic missiles or whatever.

Rating: 2 Magic Missles out of 10