Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “The Food Chain, Part 1”
Dark Horse Comics – May-Oct. 1999
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Hector Gomez, Guy Major, and Sandu Florea
Editor: Scott Allie


Well, at long lost, I’ve figured out what “hell” is – a two-part Buffy comic. “The Food Chain” is by the same art team that did the previous comic, “New Kid on the Block” and… well, to their credit, its the best art they’ve ever done. Hands down. I don’t know if they finally started using their hands instead of their feet or what, but it actually is a huge improvement. I just wish we could say the same for the story.

Some new girl (notice a trend, here?) shows up and Buffy gets worried because she’s hanging with the wrong crowd. So she sneaks to her house late one night to find that she’s actually some ancient demon and that she’s sucking the souls out of worthless, no-name classmates. This leads Buffy into the same ol’, same ol’ things she always does, which is to leave her friends in a dangerous situation only to save them just in the nick of time.


This would all be OK if it weren’t for the fact that the final battle is over so fast, the artists didn’t even bother drawing it. Buffy’s ingenuity guides her to using a ceiling fan, great. But a witty one-liner followed by nothing but a large “THE END” is not a great end to a story. I get that there is apparently a “Part 2”, something that I feel is more like a threat than a promise, but I just don’t care about this stuff anymore. I don’t like it at all and it is giving me nightmares. It’s better than most of the stuff this team has done, but when you look at the stuff this team has done, you know that’s damning with faint praise.

Further damning: If I had to read any of their comics again, “The Food Chain, Part 1” would be high up the list. Can’t wait to see part 2.