Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “The Food Chain, Part 2”
Dark Horse Comics – May-Oct 1999
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Guy Major, Christian Zanier, Andy Owens, Curtis P. Arnold, and Jason Minor
LETTERER: Amador Cisneros
Editor: Scott Allie


So here’s Part 2 of “The Food Chain”. And. I just wanna start with something I should have mentioned a long damned time ago. I hate how the text appears in these comics. I finally got around to looking up the guy that does the majority of the lettering, Letterer Amador Cisneros. Fuck Amador Cisneros. I hate the way the words look, they are poison for my eyes.

Part 2, here is even admirable with its narrative decisions, even if the letters are bad and it takes five artists to make a comic that looks like above-average shit. The story picks up months after the previous narrative and covers what happens to the kids that were worshiping the demon back then. One of them even transforms into another incarnation of said demon. Its all pretty ok and they leaned their lesson by having actual, honest to god fight sequences.


Above all else, it doesn’t end with a stupid ass, corny-as-fuck pun-fest or with the Scooby Gang having fun on the beach (no, the latter happens earlier in the issue). Here, we see the ramifications of the murders, the demon summoning, and – above all else – psychological damage that comes with both. Its a nice twist that I wish they’d been more adventurous and explored earlier than, well, 2,000,000 comics in to the damn series.

If I had to give this a rating, I’d give it a: 5/10. So, pretty good for a Buffy comic.