Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “The Latest Craze”
Dark Horse Comics – Aug 1999
Writer(s): Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski
Artists: Guy Major, Cliff Richards, and Joe Pimentel
Editor: Scott Allie


In a move that shocked the ever living hell out of me, Buffy Omnibus 3 ends on a… good note! “The Latest Craze” rubs the shit out of my eyes, today with a mix of Gremlins and Beenie Babies (or whatever) called Hooligans, a mystic race of tiny critters maintained and sold by none other than Ethan Rayne (yes, THAT Ethan Rayne). Its a solid little story where the little critters steal valuables and wreck shit up while no one is watching.

Its got whimsy, its got style… it even has some quality joke-telling and, for once, early in the issue someone slams someone else for using too many jokes during a crucial fight sequence. Its like the writers used a line someone had in a letter to the editor. Scott Allie, you been reading my fan mail?


At the start of the issue though there is some kind of weather djinn or something, a genie of the clouds and its never explained who or what he is or why he was in the comic. Its an interesting creature that goes to waste, kinda. Wouldn’t have minded more from that guy, but oh well. I use the picture of him because I couldn’t find any good pics of the Hooligans and I’m afraid if I take a picture of them that’d be admitting that I enjoyed a Buffy comic today and, well, we can’t have that, can we?

Overall, “The Latest Craze” is actually a decent satire of pop culture and collecting random shit. I can get behind that. Way to go, Christopher Golden. You managed to… oh, I see you had help putting this story together. No wonder it was ok.

And with that: I’m moving on to watching an honest to god episode of the show. Screw these comics. I am getting sick to my stomach reading them nonstop, today.