Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Short Stories
Dark Horse Comics – March 1999 – November 1999
Writers: Christopher Golden, Daniel Brereton, Andi Watson, & more
Artists: Guy Major, Hector Gomez, Sandu Florea, Jim Amash, Joe Bennett, & more
Editor: Scott Allie


Ok. Maybe this is cheating, somewhat, but I’m so damned sick of Buffy comics that I’m just gonna wrap ’em all up in one final go. The back half of Omnibus 4 is even titled “Short Stories” both by the book and a title page before they begin. Both “Bad Dog” and “Double Cross” (which is maybe actually called “Graduation Day” or something? I dunno) are featured within and, while its true that shorter stories than this did indeed receive reviews, these things are mostly jokes of comics, so I’m just gonna offer my individual musings and move on to the first episode of Season 4 I’ve seen in, like two years. SO! Here we go:

“Hello, Moon”
A sea-creature that looks like one of the monsters from “Go Fish” shows up and is all Debbie Downer because it failed and it wants to kill itself because “destiny”. Buffy is like “whatevs” but the gets attacked by a group of vampires from across the seas of time. The sea monster is like “dag, you are you because ‘destiny’ or whatevs!” and helps out, the two relate, and the sea creature continues on. Its mostly OK but the vampires are seriously drawn specifically to look like a gang of jerks that come from different eras and I felt like this was a poor artistic decision on the artists point.
Should you Read: Sure.

“Cursed!” (That ! is really there, in the title)
Angel recalls his troubled past, biting and killing and is all sad about how much fun it all was. He has guilt, yeah, but he hates that he had fun. At the end of his tear filled rant about the mistakes he made when it came to whether or not he should bite people in the throat until they died, Buffy consoles him. The comic literally ends up them hugging while Angel says “I had a real great time murdering more people than you’ve ever met”. But maybe not in those words.
Should you Read: No. The art is such a goddamned travesty. Also tried something bold by saying “fuck you, canon!” and making some random no-name guy from Angel’s past named Liam instead of, well, you know, Angel.


“Mall Rats”
Yup. In the above pictured, er, picture we see Buffy and Cordelia fighting… wait for it… mall rats. Its so short it was over before I blinked and was pretty cute. And major props to whoever did the art design because its the first major departure from the rest of the comics and I liked it.
Should you Read: Yeah. Hell yeah.

This is so dumb I wanted to re-read “Wu Tang Fang”. There is some monster that eats fear mongering. Is the basic gist. Then Buffy, Xander, and the rest kill it. The art is so bad I wanted to re-read “WU TANG FANG”. That should be all I need to say.
Should you Read: You should read. ANYTHING ELSE.


“Who Made Who”
ERIC POWELL! The guy behind The Goon did a simple Spike & Dru comic that made me prematurely decide to include zero links to the previous Spike & Dru comics. Though it conflicts with other comics in the series somewhat, this narrative that takes place between “Lover’s Walk” and Spikes reappearance in Season 4 is short, sweet, and actually kinda funny. And I can hear the goddamned character voices. How’s that for a novel idea?
Should you Read: If you read anything in this list, this is the one to read.

This comic takes place during “Bad Blood” for the most arbitrary of reasons and it was kinda OK but, once again, the art is so bad I couldn’t tell who the characters were. It introduced some other blond vampire in modern times while also showing Spike in flashbacks and they were so similar I didn’t realize the guy in the present was some doof named Theo. Glad he died.
Should you Read: If you must, you must.

There it is. All of the comics set during or before Season 3 that don’t have special reasons behind their lack of inclusion on this site thus far (there are some Dawn centered stories I’m saving for Season 5, obviously). Now? On to the goddamned show!