Buffy the Vampire Slayer – First Series (1999)
“The Master”
Sculpted by: Victor Kane
Height: 6 in
Produced by: Moore Action Collectibles


So I picked this guy up off Amazon a long time ago, back when I was starting Season 2, actually, and then I moved and plum forgot about him. Drug him out of the basement the other day and tore into him at long last. What are my impressions?

Overall, whatever figures came out in the “First Series” were probably made mostly for people that just wanted them to be posed or something, because The Master’s hunch is not going anywhere. You can stand him straight up all you want to, but he is, for the most part, stuck the way he is. And he has a hang that is permanently making a circle, like he should be able to hold something? But there is nothing to hold.


The actual figure, however, is actually pretty well detailed. Its (obviously) an older figure, and mine had some issues getting placed on the “B” logo stand it came with, but as far as the paint job, the facial sculpting, and even the stupid candelabra props are concerned, he’s a pretty good looking figure, but an ugly ass dude. Its no shock that The Master is one of my favorite characters, for sure favorite villains, in Buffy lore, so to get a solid figure is pretty cool. His constant snarl, though, does betray his character somewhat, since we usually see him more laid back and his face in a calm stare.


Overall, The Master will – once I figure out to get him to stay upright on that stand – will be a find addition to my action figure collection, and possibly the first of a few “BtVS”/”Angel” figures to make it in, as well. You can’t really play with him, though, which is why he’ll stand perfectly next to some other “pose-holding” figures I have. But having more than just a swivel neck, a few swing joints on the shoulders and elbows, and legs that do nothing to correct posture leaves me wanting a bit more freedom.

Playability – 2
Posing – 9
Sculpting – 9
Art – 8
Articulation – 4
Coolness – 8