Angel – “Surrogates”
Dark Horse Comics – Dec. 2000
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Christian Zanier, Guy Major, Andy Owens, Jason Minor, and Curtis P. Arnold
Editior: Scott. Allie.


In a move that doesn’t bode well for future Buffy comics, the very first issues of Angel’s comic line are good. “Surrogates”, a story that remains true to the themes and format of the first season of “Angel” tells a complex story, develops and uses characters well, and then goes about its business with clever twists, good action, and – I kid you not – decent art work.

The story is that a lamia needs to have children to keep its species alive and does so by posing a human fertility doctor and impregnates sad women with its own children. Its dark, dismal, and it is a perfect springboard for Angel Investigations to find a mystery, find a monster, and not receive any money (to Cordelia’s chagrin).


As stated, the art actually works. There is not one moment where I wonder which one is which character, though the representation of Doyle is definitely weak, there isn’t a weak Xander, Oz, and the rest to get confused by. You know which one Angel is, so there aren’t many other options, here. It does suffer, a bit, in the same way that a terrible Spike & Dru story does by having larger-than-life monsters on the page, but if the show found a way to make a believable monster show up on TV, this could have been an episode.


Its funny, its got heart, and its got good fights and a couple interesting twists. I endorse this. Hope to see more like it as I press onward.

Will the Next “Angel” Comic be Any Good?: Seems unlikely.