Angel – “The Changeling Wife”
Dark Horse Comics – Feb 9, 2000
Writer: Christopher Golden
Artists: Eric Powell and Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie


Another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into, here… Another “Angel” comic does the job right by introducing quality writing, solid art (ERIC POWELL!), and good use of characters. I kinda can’t believe the same team behind those “BtVS” comics do these “Angel” stories, to be quite honest with you. I’m about to lose my damn mind over the whole thing.

Angel investigates an abusive husband after witnessing the dude attempt to destroy his wife with a chair in public. Turns out, the dude is crazy because his wife was replaced by a fairy, a gross, leathery alien lookin’ fuck that is only around to torment the guy until he goes crazy… then kill him. Its all a huge revenge ploy, yeah, and some of the logic is a bit out-the-window, but you know what? It’s a comic book based on a TV show where a vampire with a soul solves supernatural crime every night. Logic isn’t necessarily essential at this point.


The fights are good, the detective work is good, and even the art itself is awesome. I love Eric Powell but I didn’t know for certain it was him the whole time, though his open mouth screams (seen below) always look like his art style, no matter what he does to cover it up.


It all ends on a kinda weird note, though, with Angel “killing” the monster (they never find its body) and the husband indeed going crazy. I mean, I guess he was a bastard even before the fairy shows up, but the sense of justice over him going crazy is… shocking as it is to admit this, does not carry as much of an impact as the ending of “Food Chain Part 2” from the “BtVS” line. It just doesn’t feel as earned. Oh well, one nitpick doesn’t make it a worse comic.

Not By A: Long shot.