Angel – Earthly Possessions”‘
Dark Horse Comics – June 2001
Written by: Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sneigoski
Artists: Andy Owens, Guy Major, and Christian Zanier
Editor: Scott Allie


Get it? This story has to do with spirits and demons possessing people. “Earthly Possessions” – its a great pun. I’m not rolling my eyes while I type this, I swear.


The weakest “Angel” comic thus far, “Possessions” is a story that still does a pretty good job of maintaining my interest and keeping me flipping the pages. Taking place both before and after the upcoming episode, “Hero”, it tells the story of Angel and co. trying to solve a bunch of possessions issues, but having to deal with a buff-as-fuck preacher named Father Noe, a dude that knows of the dark arts and was excommunicated for it. He helps and or gets in Angel’s way a bunch, but for the most part the pair stop a demon from killing anyone. Woo!


The twist is that the priest is finding people for demons to possess so he can offer his services and get paid, son. This pisses Angel off and they have a showdown in an abandoned movie theater where Angel take apart a handful of minotaurs and hobos. Then the priest escapes to London. The end.

The art is still pretty damn good and the inclusion of Doyle’s death shows what “Btvs”/”Angel” comics editor Scott Allie mentioned once in an Omnibus forward: that now being told what would happen to characters tended to make it difficult to write any stories within the continuity of the show. They handle it well… oh, spoiler alert, Doyle dies next episode. Anyhow, they handle it well, but its more of a passing moment of acknowledgement rather than a full fledged bit of character development for Angel and Cordelia.


Is It Awesome That You Can Tell Who is Who in These Comics?: You bet your fucking ass it is.