Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Broken Bottle of Djinn”
Dark Horse Comics – 2002
Writer:  Jane Espenson and Douglas Petrie
Artists: Jeff Matsuda, Gene Colan, and Dave Stewart
Editor: Scott Allie


Oh, God. Oh, Jesus. Oh, God. So, I’ve goofed. I’ve goofed again! I’ve been so keen on filing in all the gaps of my three-and-a-half seasons of this show, and here I’ve gone and forgotten a comic set back, partially, during Season 2. How’d I forget a comic book when I’ve loved them all so very, very much? Who cares.

This is actually a fun little comic, despite from very noticeable and disjointed flaws: Namely Principal Snyder’s seemingly chill attitude toward students knowing, releasing, and defeating a djinn with a magic portal. The short, cyclical story goes like this: Snyder buys some new lockers for the school, one opens and a magic bottle falls out, releasing a djinn (a giant green smoke monster). Willow sends it into a time portal back to 1930’s New York where the at-the-time Slayer, Rachel O’Connor, gets set up to help the government stop a Nazi from selling it. She defeats the djinn and stores it into a locker which eventually Snyder buys, starting the loop again.

IMG_20150919_191127394 IMG_20150919_191148372

This is mostly cute and fun, very innocent. And the art styles change depending on the time the story is taking place. The first page, above, is during Buffy’s high school years, and the second page is in the past. More pencil-y looking. I can dig that.

This is one of the better comics I’ve ever read for this show, though, perhaps it is just that I haven’t read any of them in so long, I had no choice but to enjoy it? Who knows. Anyhow, this has been fun!

Hasn’t It?: It has.