Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Killing Time
Dark Horse Comics – Jan. 2000
Writer: Doug Petrie
Artists: Cliff Richards, Joe Pimentel, Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie
In a bold move, at the start of Omnibus 5, editor Scott Allie mentions that this story sets up another story to come in book 6. I don’t currently own book 6, I usually wait until I’m about done with a book before I get the next one and seeing as how its been over two years, the dread of having to buy another one when I know a story coming up follows this one…? I won’t sleep tonight.
This story is so dumb. But before we get there? The art in this one is awesome. I really enjoyed it. The action, the rainy weather, the magic effects, even the characters’ faces. Solid, solid work. Can’t believe it took four years of comic production for these guys to hire people with talent.
Anyhow, I’m not going to waste your time. College girls summon monster, Buffy kills the monster. If you want, I can tell you more by saying the montser is some demon that wants to end time, but then I have to tell you that the girls do this as part of a ritual to get into a sorority and, well, who stopped the end of the universe all the other times? And why is the janitor in the old clocktower still employed when girls can break in and talk about stealing from a museum and he just keeps mopping?
Don’t read Buffy comics, is what I’m saying. You know how they all end before you even start: Buffy will make an anticlimactic kill and spit out a one-liner. And then you’ll cry yourself into an early grave.
I’m Typing this Up Instead of Working: Clearly I’ve made all the right choices.