Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Take Back the Night”
Dark Horse Comics – June 21, 2000
Writer(s): Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe
Artist(s): Cliff Richards, Joe Pimentel
Editor: Scott Allie
Last time I came back from an unexpected hiatus to review these things, I’d found that I’d ignored or left out about a million comics. It was a real, real tragedy because I hate these stupid things. Now, it turns out, that I have missed a bunch from the start of Season 4, including comics featuring Oz and not featuring Riley, so, you know, pretty early in the season. So, even though I’ve seen the next episode of the show, even though my notes are ready, even though I really, really just wanna watch more… Here we are.
“Take Back the Night” is a fucking nightmare. A train-wreck that I want to look away from. In it, some odd bug creature attacks women and then they explode into a mess of winged insects. Its actually a fairly brutal way to go, to be honest. But Buffy and co. just don’t care enough to patrol. Instead, they go to an anti-rape rally (get the title of the comic, now?) where the bug monsters have Ninja-Turtled their way in using trench coats. They attempt to grab Willow, Buffy is like “oh hell no” and kills some. She then sees they have a talisman which she grabs, tosses at a wall, and it shatters. What does this do? Nothing. Not one thing. Buffy just kills a few more bad guys and says she single-handedly stopped rape by “taking back the night” herself. The end.
The art is OK and we’re finally getting past the early days of these comics where no one looks like the characters, but still. All the quality art in the world couldn’t save a shit script. Trust me, I know. I’ve read a ton of these comics. I’m kind of an authority on the subject.
If I HAVE TO Give this a Score, I’d Give it a: 3.8/10?