Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Cemetery of Lost Love”
Dark Horse Comics – December, 2000
Writer(s): Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe
Artist(s): Cliff Richards, Joe Pimentel, Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie
Uh? Do I have to review this?
No: No I don’t.
Oh, fine. Since this is the last comic I’m going to review before I get back to watching an honest to god episode, I might as well give it a fair shake. Buffy kills a vampire about to mack on some chick at make-out-point, the chick turns out to be a witch or necromancer or whatever, and she summons James Bond’s one-time enemy Baron Samedi who in this iteration is a little goblin in a top hot. She is mad that Buffy killed her boyfriend, so she uses dark arts to try to kill her, back.
Its actually kinda fun, in a sad way. The characters are all stupid, and the action scenes are kinda poorly drawn. But the little Baron isn’t killed and survives the issue, telling Buffy that she isn’t really ready to face him. He then invades her dreams and she’s all scared and stuff. Its effective because it mirrors something that the best Buffy comics (of which there are almost exactly two thus far) and the themes of the episode drive home: sometimes a “win” is just making it home.
Riley and Maggie Walsh show up, which is why I’m still reviewing comics. But the next one seems to be at the current place in the show. So I can just forget about this comic. I don’t really need to remember it, do I?
No: No I don’t.