Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “The Heart of a Slayer”
Dark Horse Comics – Oct. – Nov. 2000
Writer: Chris Boal
Artist(s): Cliff Richards, Christian Zanier, Joe Pimentel, Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie


New letterer! And I can read the words in this thing without my ears bleeding! Woo!

You’d think this would make me like the story more, though. And you’d be wrong. In a curious move, you can see that I’ve selected the cover for this one as the top image. That is because it is telling of the quality of pages inside. Look who surrounds Buffy: Angel, Dru, even the Master! And… Lothos? And… the guy from “Wu Tang Fang”???? Who at this place was at the cover meeting for this issue and was like “We’ve got to put her biggest enemies on the cover… make sure that dude from “Wu Tang Fang” is on there!” I hope he got fired, whoever he was. No Spike, but Lothos? Sure.

Riley also makes his first appearance in this comic, but its mostly to get knocked the fuck out by the bad guy, some kind of unkillable assassin sent to murder Buffy. A 14th-century Slayer in armor shows up and is like “you can’t understand me, but the only thing that can stop it is if it kills a Slayer” and after Giles figures it out, he just lets it happen. He and Buffy are like “this is sad” and the comic ends. The problem with this is that it no way reflects the way the characters act in the show. Rather than try to find a solution that saves everyone, Willow and Giles don’t even tell Buffy what was going on until its all over. I get that these characters can be dark sometimes, but Jesus. All in the name of a “deep” ending that it doesn’t even earn. Gross, guys.


Final Score: Three Slayer Hearts out of Ten