Angel – “Beneath the Surface”
Dark Horse Comics – June – July 2000
Writer: Christopher Goldon
Artist(s): Eric Powell and Lee Loughridge
Editor: Scott Allie


This one is good. Eric Powell can draw, man. I love his art style. That, right there, gets it some major points. This story is fun to look at.

We met Clyde, a giant green, winged demon, back in “Earthly Possessions”. He is still sore about Angel and pals beating him up way-back-when and is now using a pissed off Kate and the LAPD to get back at Angel, leaving corpses at all the sewer exits our hero would take and even going so far as to draw the outline of a literal angel around a victim in the victim’s own blood.

Angel and Wes track the bodies to a large creature named Abner, who just wants to be left alone and doesn’t like mindless killing. At first they accuse this beast of being the murderer but – without the need to do any detective work at all – Clyde just pops in and is all “I killed everyone, y’all!” and police open fire, Angel tries to fight, and Abner ends up stabbing the guy to death.


All in all, its a tame story with great art and some fun to be had, and also our first comic with Wesley present. The characters are well-written and everything goes, more or less, well. Just, nothing really sticks out as being “great” – though, having said that? That is about the best praise one can give one of these comics.

So: There’s that.