Angel – “The Hunting Ground” (AKA: Lovely, Dark and Deep?)
Dark Horse Comics – April – July 2000
Writer(s): Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski
Artist(s): Clem Robins, Paul Lee and Brian Horton
Editor: Scott Allie


Another day, another stupid comic.

In this one, Cordelia lands a role in a found footage movie that turns out to be run by absolutely no one but two demons who want to use humans to obtain a dangerous and well-guarded mystical helmet because they are cowards and won’t do it themselves. Angel finds out about it by reading the script and goes out to save the day and does so by simply punching monsters until they explode (no, seriously).

Cordelia is the real winner though, by putting the mystical helmet on and finding she is able to control demons. She commands the two dolts that set her up (who comically drove there in a car, in demon form) to simply stand around while the big bad murders their necks so hard their heads fall off, he lets everyone go (everyone being Angel and Cordelia; the two other actors got totally killed to death) and the end.

angelhunting ground 1

The art is super-stylized and over-angled and the script for this one is a joke so awful I can’t even come up with anything else to say about it. Skip this one. You’ll be much better off.

For Some Reason They: Draw Cordelia with one button done in the middle of her shirt the whole time, like she is a super skank or something. What the hell, guys?