Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Jonathan: Codename: Comrades”
Dark Horse Comics – Jan. 3, 2001
Writter: Jane Espenson
Aritsit(s): Cliff Richards, Andy Owens, Guy Major
Editor: Scott Allie


Before we jump into “Superstar”, I figure this is as good a time as any to get a few comics out of the way, particularly one that relates directly to said episode. Taking place in the same alternate, altered universe, this comic does a pretty good job of setting up how Buffy and co. would ever be working with super-cool, James Bond-inspired Jonathan and its a pretty obvious and clear narrative decision: he needs them because they know how to fight effectively and it helps him be closer to the kids he wishes he had been friends with.

Past that, its a harmless and fun comic because it takes place in an alternate reality, where all the comics take place. But this one isn’t a mirror of the show, so it lends itself to the fantastical a bit more. The characters get to just do whatever and not grind against their portrayal on the show. Not that this makes this a GREAT comic, but it allows them to play around a bit and its all mostly harmless.


The art is OK, the writing is OK, and the pace is brisk enough and never really falters. Even the inclusion of the proto-Initiative talk is kinda neat. I dunno. This comic is OK. And a good lead in to the episode. And, side note, a “Jonathan” comic shows up in the episode, cover done by Dark Horse. So they decided to go ahead and just make a real one. Neat.

Overall?: As I’d said… Harmless.