Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Oz”
Dark Horse Comics – May 15, 2002
Writter: Christopher Goldon
Artist(s): Logan Lubera, Valentine De Landro, Herb Apon, Craig Yeung, HALO, Percy Melbye, and Helen Bach
Editor: Scott Allie


This comic is such a mixed bag. Oz comes back in the following episode of “BtVS” (which MUST be watched between the two Faith episodes of “Angel” mind you) so we might as well explore what he’s been up to since he left oh so long ago. I believe there’s enough in “New Moon Rising” to cover this bit of his story, but the comic does an admirable job of telling. Not showing it, mind you. If you read this thinking you’re going to see Seth Green’s Oz, you are wrong. You’re going to see a pretty cool story about some red-headed, goatee-wearing punk by the same name have an adventure with some pitch black skinned fire demon in Tibet. If you want to read THAT story, sign yourself up because its a fun ride. Otherwise, steer clear.

I’m not only talking about the bad art. Which is bad. I mean, look at that guy down there. That ain’t Oz. I’m talking about the characterization of Oz. He’s nothing like the soft-spoken, sarcastic Seth Green from the show. Instead he’s a smiling, wise-cracking badass. Again, if this were a comic in any other universe, it’d be OK. But, come on guys, respect the character(s).


Its not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. Rumor has it, even Seth said no to this and wouldn’t let them feature him on the cover when it was first released. That should tell you something.

Was It A Howling Good Time: No-oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh