Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Quest for Oz
Mobile Devices/Java – 2004
Developed/Published by: Indiagames
Written by: A pre-schooler?


So, here we go. Before we move on to the next episode, turns out there was another Buffy game that I missed in all my joy of being able to watch and review episodes. I think it takes place in Season 3, but I can’t be sure. Could be early Season 4. Willow and Oz are dating and, in the interest of covering all of Oz’s material in the greater Buffyverse, I downloaded an emulator and a ROM for this one. There is no way to get it on phones, these days. At least, not that I could find.

This will be a short but sweet review, this time, because there isn’t anything substantial here. Good or bad. Its actually a commendable little game for being over a decade old. I mean, yeah, it looks ugly and there is absolutely no story aside from “Drusilla kidnapped Oz go dust her”, but the control is fairly decent, and though the game is prehistoric as far as cell phone games to, the art works and the game moves well enough.


One could argue that I’m being generous due to the game’s modern-day handicaps, but one only need look back that the Game Boy Color or XBox games to see that I don’t offer any kindness based on being long in the tooth. This game has faults and is no way going to obtain a perfect score from me (I don’t score video games, so it was never going to happen regardless); the obstacles in this platformer sometimes have contact boxes that are much larger or smaller than the art assets pretend they are and there are a dozen or so cheap, instant-deaths per level. But there are only five levels and only a handful of different types of monsters. And Drusilla, the end boss, can turn into a pack of bats (what is a grouping of bats called? – oh my god its a colony or CLOUD. A CLOUD OF BATS. That is awesome). So how much hate can I lobby against a game for not trying to push the boundaries of its design and medium?

The game is also short, meant to be played on the go and in bursts. Took me under two hours, in one sitting. And now that I know what to do and where to go, I’d finish it in much less time. All in all, its stupid, meaningless, and would have been fun to have on my phone back in college if I’d have known about it at all. Worth going out of your way to play? No. Not at all. But so far? Its the best “BtVS” game I’ve played. And I have another one coming up REAL soon.

Oh joy.

Another Game Down: Only two to go…