Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “One Small Promise”
Dark Horse Comics – Feb. 7, 2001
Writer(s): Tom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe
Artist(s): Cliff Richards, Guy Major, P. Craig Russel, Clem Robbins
Editor: Scott Allie


Noooooo! Right after that Giles comic?


Buffy looks evil as hell, gives Riley a gift of a necklace. They get in a verbal fight over the gift and Riley is all “I have a weener” and Buffy is all “don’t be one” and then some vampires show up and they murder them.

Then they kiss the end.


The art is bad. The story is so stupid. It could have never been a thing and the universe would have been the same, save my suffering. And thats its biggest sin: it is so offensively non-offensive. It is a fart with no smell; you heard it, you know that something awful is there, and despite the fact that it doesn’t stink, you still taste it. This comic is a weak fart. This comic is your grandma only having butterscotch candies at her house when you visit. This comic is someone sneezing into a tissue then opening it up to look at it right in front of you.

This Comic: is some kind of afterbirth or something, I don’t know. Putrid, putrid afterbirth.