Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Giles: Beyond the Pale”
Dark Horse Comics – October 4, 2000
Writer(s): Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski
Artist(s): Eric Powell, Guy Major, and Pat Brosseau
Editor: Scott Allie


Eric Powell you magnificent bastard. You make stuff that isn’t fun, fun. So what happens when you draw something that IS inherently fun? This Giles comic.

The internet tells me this takes place during Season 4, somewhere after Faith but before Jonathan. I chose to ignore this. It makes far more sense to just take place in the time between seasons. There was just too much going on for Giles to leave the country with Adam and stuff. This fits more.

Giles goes back to England because one of his old Watcher friends died of mysterious causes. Travers is there, as is some magical Watcher from some book I’ll end up reading at some point I’m certain. They continue to reference the comic cannon by being pissed he stole an amulet back during “Blood of Carthadge” and oh yeah, they fired his ass.


The story is grotesque, the art is equally unsettling. It moves briskly and the people (that I know) remain true to character and sound and act appropriately. Its just… its just fun. And while the monster design is extremely Lovecraftian in nature, its never so “big” that they seem untrue to the production values and scope of the source material. This can be something that plagues an otherwise “ok” comic and turns it into some kinda “Spike & Dru” book. Ugh.

We’re nearing the end of these comics and they are actually turning out to have a few tricks up some kind of sleeve. Too little too late? You bet. But I’m less nervous about the ride these days. So there’s that.

Final Score: 9 Shoggoths out of R’lyeh