Angel – “Little Lost Girl”
Dark Horse Comics – Dec. 13, 2000
Writer(s): Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski
Artist(s): Eric Powell, Jason Moore, Lee Loughridge
Editor: Scott Allie


Any points Eric Powell and Christopher Golden may have earned are quickly swept aside because Angel busts into someone’s house through the front door without being invited in, ignoring one of the key rules for the Buffyverse. This lack of care to remember a simple aspect of lore just goes to show that no matter how many times they churn out a good or “ok” story, you’re always going to get something that goes so hard against the very fabric of its making and undoes any good graces mustered.

Everything else was easily forgettable here: pyrokenetic girl, drunk step-dad, blah blah. I’m just furious that they can’t figure out how to consistently make things of greater quality. Ugh.

This?: Just forget it.