Angel – “Vermin”
Dark Horse Comics – Oct.-Nov. 2000
Writter: Christopher Golden
Artist(s): Christian Zanier, Andrew Pepoy, Mark Heinki, Clayton Brown, and Lee Loughridge
Editor: Scott Allie


Aw, rats (pun!)! – I was prepping for doing a finale review for the first season of “Angel” and was thumbing through the Dark Horse Omnibus and saw that they are still operating out of the old Angel Investigations building. This is problematic as said building goes up in flames by the end of the first season, so I had to do what I had to do and read this to review it fast (turns out there’s one more comic for sure, too). This one is… insanely skipable. It isn’t horrible but it isn’t really great.

Cordelia discovers some demon rats through a vision and Angel heads there to save a kidnaped little girl from rapists and thugs. We get some history of the rats and the amusement park (horribly named “Dream-a-Dreamland”) and Angel’s personal history with rodents. Its all too on-the-nose as Cordelia also discovers rats in the office. Its OK and the characters are fine. Its just not that interesting.


The art is where it really gets dragged down. In the opening, when the rats are summoned, they tear through the fabric of a tent. As well as a table and crystal ball. In one swipe. Not break through the later, mind you, but tear through. It makes no sense. And Angel’s proportions, as shown, are all off. And every last background, as show, are bland and lifeless.


I dunno. It still isn’t horrible and has some decent – yet gruesome as hell – action. So it gets a pass on a pass fail scale, from me.

Pass/Fail: Pass