I used to watch Buffy all the time. Not when it was on TV, mind you, as I’d missed the chance. Caught every season on DVD, though, and fell in love. Its been a good number of years since then and I haven’t really watched the show for a long time, not in any sequence, anyhow. So, I figured, let’s see if the show holds up, today.

On this website you’ll find reviews, episode breakdowns, and more, including commentary on all things Buffy (or at least, all the things I can get my hands on). This includes:
-Both “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and spinoff series “Angel”, with episode-by-episode reviews
-Comics from Dark Horse, IDW, and more are all reviewed
-Any text adventures I can get a hold of, and any books on Buffy that I can find
-Reviews of video games within the franchise
-Possibly album reviews, soundtrack thoughts, etc.
-And anything else I can find…!

Please feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the page and be assured that I will never, ever respond to it. But feel free, all the same!